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Kunst kopen van de Nederlandse kunstenaar Herman Bolenius

Bolenius Herman

Herman Bolenius or in full Hermanus Petrus Johannes Bolenius is a Dutch artist who was born in Broekhuizervorst in 1932. He is a painter, draftsman and watercolourist. Lived and worked in Broekhuizervorst, Heythuizen, Brussels, Meyel; since 1959 in Roermond. Pupil of the drawing and painting school G. v. Eyck in Tegelen, the Flemish Academy in Brussels and of D. Wilschut and P. Vermeulen. Paints, draws (pen, pastel) and watercolors, is also a sculptor (modelling and ceramics) and makes wood engravings. Subjects and art direction: paints and draws from experience, paints with a palette knife; 'modem'. Member of "St. Lucas' in Amsterdam and of the art circle N-. and Central Limburg ‘K.I.R.A.’.(RKD, Scheen)