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kunstwerken Geo Mommaerts kopen

Mommaerts Geo

Geo Mommaerts was a Belgian artist who was born in 1923 at Diegem and who died in 2006 in Brussels. He was a painter and draftsman. Training at the Academy in Brussels (1939-1946). Realized cityscapes, seascapes and interiors, among other things. Sometimes combined oil and pastrel. Poetic color palette, intimate accents. His works depicting old bourgeois houses in Brussels, Paris or Amsterdam exude nostalgia and melancholy towards a never recurring past. First prize Art Jeune in Brussels in 1946, Godecharle Fair in 1947, prize from the Belgian Marine Painters Company in 1952, Triennial Prize for Painting from the Municipality of Ixelles in 1967, Lebon Prize in Auderghem in 1973, Baron Steen Prize in 1980. Work to be in Museums Ixelles, La Louvière, Ostend and in the Print Room in Brussels. (PIRON)