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Etsen en tekeningen van Geo Langie  kopen

Langie Geo

Geo Langie was a Belgian artist who was born in Nukerke in 1906 and who died in Ghent in 1982. He was an etcher and draftsman. Grew up in Ghent. Training in furniture manufacturing at the Municipal Vocational School in Ghent, evening classes in art history and decorative arts at Sint-Lucas in Ghent, led by the sculptor J. Cornelis and the painter K. Van Belle. Professionally established as a furniture maker in Ledeberg, he realized the designs for the pre-war cinema interiors of Century, Roxy and Lido. Opted around 1950 as an autodidact for etching. Worked in the footsteps of J. De Bruycker, with a special focus on the incorporation of the historical city decor and the ordinary people who are an inseparable part of it. From the press: “At first he found inspiration in picturesque Ghent corners, but soon he ventured into important compositions, cityscapes of Ghent combined with groups of folk people who upholster the scene in lively crowds. They consist of somewhat caricatural types, exuberantly moving in a folkloric atmosphere full of humor and fun, whipped up by a kind of excessive energy that gives the scene a special dynamism.” Mentioned in BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Piron.