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Kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Dees De Bruyne kopen

De Bruyne Dees

Dees De Bruyne was a Belgian artist who was born in Ghent in 1940 and died there in 1998. He was a painter, draftsman and graphic artist. He was a self-taught painter. For several years he followed courses in architecture and a few months in painting at the Academy in Ghent. Started painting and drawing intensively from the age of 21. Traveled Europe, North America and practiced the most diverse professions to survive. Realized (self) portraits, nudes, interiors, travel memories and family scenes. Often found his subjects on the fringes of society and painted junkies and psychiatric patients (in 1991 he was voluntarily colloquied for a month in the Ghent psychiatric institute Guislain). His works come across as bitingly critical, in part movingly romantic. Especially the purely erotic works reflect an atmosphere of peace. The artist: "I don't want to make a work without a person on it." From the press: “The marginal figure D.D.B. has shunted himself, but of course he has never been able to deny his true nature and his attention to the fringe has remained. They are the subjects of his observations, the food for his analyzing eye, the figures for the scenes he draws and paints ”and“ D.D.B. depicts people as he perceives them, with their aggression, with their sadness, or indifference, ugliness or beauty, flaws and shortcomings, in short in all their humanity. He paints truthfully, unadorned.” (W.M.R.) Mentioned in BAS I, II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Piron.