Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar André (Dries) Verstraeten

Verstraeten André (Dries)

André (Dries) Verstraeten was a Belgian painter and draftsman born and died in Zottegem (1901-1973). He was the brother of Jules, son and student of Raymond Verstraeten. He was educated at the Drawing School in Zottegem. He painted landscapes from the Flemish Ardennes under all seasons, work in the fields, village views, market scenes, interiors with figures, characters, still lifes. He used a powerful design and usually worked in a subdued, gloomy color palette. From the press: 'From his father and his uncle (Gustave) André inherited a love of nature, specifically the nature of the hilly South East Flemish country, the landscape of the Flemish Ardennes, of which Zottegem de is called port. Let the vision now be more individualistic, now more personal than with its predecessors, yet it remains typically South East Flemish. The gaze always collides with a slope, which lines the horizon with undulating green or gold. Clear blue may be the limited space of heaven, but when a thunderstorm threatens or when the sky is rolled open like a great dark circus sail from one side of the horizon to the other, the unleashed force of nature can become so beautiful in all its ferocity and violence', ( Fr. De Vleeschouwer, 1954) and 'Deep seriousness, in addition to a tendency towards abstraction, characterize his works. It is mainly the undulations and the rich shades of the ridges of his region that arouse his interest. Few have sensed the melancholy of our Western skies as well as he did and let him speak so grandly.' He is mentioned in CRICK and Two Centuries of Signatures of Belgian Artists. (piron)