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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische schilder Albert Isidore De Vos

De Vos Albert Isidore

Albert Isidore De Vos was a Belgian artist who was born in Oostakker in 1868 and who died in Ghent in 1950. He was a painter. Brother of the tone poet Isidore De Vos. Training at the Academy in Ghent. Loved the sea and fishing life and often went night fishing. He was mainly inspired by the sea and fishing life. From the press: “He knows what a hollow sea means, which is throwing up its births furiously under the grim surf, in which it glows with colors of copper and vitriol. And he knows just as perfectly what a 'poetic sea' has to say, which wraps itself as with a feminine elegance in the hazy veil of light of morning or evening ”and“ This is characteristic of his marines: they are certain mood images, musical impressions, intimacy art which nevertheless beats a large heart of a Flemish romantic ”. (J. Crick) His wife Judith De Bruycker was also a painter. Participated in the Salons in Ghent. Was a teacher at the Academy in Eeklo until the 1930s. Mentioned in CRICK, BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists.