Joop Nijmeijer
Joop Nijmeijer is a Dutch painter born in 1941 and died in 2017. From the age of thirteen he went to the painters' circle. Although he chose the profession of Master House Painter as a profession, he was always busy painting art in the background. Since 1987 he has been a full-time visual artist. He is best known as a still-life painter. Characteristic is his loose, impressionistic way of painting. The balanced compositions are placed in a lively background, in which the color balance plays an important role. Powerful regions put the often distinctive objects on the canvas. Old items, but also modern materials are a sign of recognition. Nature is often present in the form of a flower or branch with fruits.
Artwork 1 to 7 (of the 7 artworks). Result:1
Artwork 1 to 7 (of the 7 artworks). Result:1
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