Henry Schouten
Henry Schouten was born in Indonesia, about 1857 and died in Brussels in 1927. He was a Belgian painter who is best known as an animal and landscape painter. He also used the pseudonym Joseph Klaas. He received his education at the Academy of Brussels (1876-1881). He underwent a strong influence from the animal painter Alfred Verwee. He was first and foremost a smooth, realistic animal painter: cows, sheep, horses, chicken races and animals on the court. But he also painted farmers and herders in their area, a hunter with dogs, a drinking horse seller or a milk farmer with dog cart. He also painted a number of still lifes with flowers or poultry and fruit or a still life with fish and shrimps. During his career he used various artist names: Jos Klaus, M. CLaes, Joseph Klaas, E. Meulat Joors, V. Marinus and J. Remis.
Artwork 1 to 2 (of the 2 artworks). Result:1
Artwork 1 to 2 (of the 2 artworks). Result:1
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